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Amanda Han

Amanda Han

Meet Amanda Han, an incredibly accomplished individual with an unwavering passion for helping others navigate the often complicated world of taxation. As a highly regarded author, speaker, and financial expert, Amanda has dedicated her career to educating individuals and businesses alike on the latest tax strategies and techniques. With a wealth of experience that spans over two decades, Amanda is a true trailblazer in the realm of personal finance and taxation.

One of Amanda's greatest strengths is her ability to make complex tax concepts easy to understand for everyone. Her highly acclaimed books, including The Book on Advanced Tax Strategies and The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor, have been hailed as seminal works of tax literature, providing readers with deep insights into current tax laws and regulations. Amanda's insights have also been featured in leading publications like Forbes, Fox News, the Huffington Post, and many more.

Amanda's commitment to educating others extends beyond her work as an author. She is also a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and events across the country, where she shares her expertise with audiences of all stripes. Whether she's addressing a room full of professionals or leading a workshop for entrepreneurs, Amanda has a natural ability to engage with her audience, making complex topics feel approachable and understandable.

When Amanda isn't teaching others about taxation, she spends her time running her own successful accounting firm, Keystone CPA, which serves clients in all 50 states. There, she specializes in providing tax planning and compliance services to real estate investors, self-employed professionals, and high-income earners.

It is truly remarkable to see how much Amanda has accomplished throughout her career. Her dedication to helping others achieve their financial goals has made a lasting impact on countless individuals and businesses. Her professionalism, expertise, and tireless work ethic make her an absolute joy to work with, and I am confident that anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will immediately notice her unwavering commitment to excellence.

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