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Amir Levine

Amir Levine

Amir Levine is a bestselling author, speaker and psychiatrist who is changing the way we think about human relationships. His groundbreaking book, Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find - and Keep - Love, has helped thousands of people understand the science of attachment and how it affects our romantic relationships.

As a psychiatrist, Amir has seen firsthand the destructive impact that attachment issues can have on our lives. He has made it his mission to share his insights and help others break free from unhealthy patterns of interaction. His approach is based on the latest research in attachment theory, and he draws on his extensive clinical experience to provide practical advice for improving our relationships.

Amir is a sought-after speaker and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and Psychology Today. He has also been a guest on popular podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show and The School of Greatness.

In addition to his work as a psychiatrist and author, Amir is a clinical assistant professor at Columbia University and maintains a private practice in New York City. He received his medical degree from Tel Aviv University and completed his residency in psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.

Amir is passionate about helping people improve their relationships and live happier, more fulfilling lives. He believes that developing a deep understanding of attachment is the key to achieving true emotional intimacy and enduring love. Through his groundbreaking work, he is helping to revolutionize the way we approach dating and relationships, and inspiring people around the world to build stronger, more meaningful connections.

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