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Amy Palanjian

Amy Palanjian

Introducing Amy Palanjian: A Creative, Passionate and Insightful Author!

Amy Palanjian is a creative, passionate and insightful author who has dedicated her career to bringing educational and inspirational content to parents and children alike. Known for her bestselling book, Busy Little Hands, Amy has received over five-star reviews and has become a valuable resource for parents looking to engage their children in creative and educational activities.

With over 15 years of experience in early childhood education, Amy has a deep understanding of children's development and learning. Her unique approach to teaching and parenting is rooted in the understanding that children learn best when they play, explore and have fun. She is committed to promoting active learning through hands-on experiences and believes that creativity and curiosity are essential ingredients for fostering healthy child development.

Amy's work has been published in several parenting and lifestyle magazines, including Parents, Martha Stewart Living, and Real Simple, to name a few. She has also been featured on popular parenting blogs, podcasts and TV shows, sharing her insights and knowledge on early childhood education and parenting.

Through her blog and social media platforms, Amy inspires parents to embrace creativity and the joy of learning with their children. Her engaging and informative content covers a wide range of topics, from sensory play and art projects, to healthy meal prep and fitness for families.

In addition to her busy writing schedule, Amy is a dedicated mother of two, always finding new ways to incorporate educational and fun experiences into her children's lives. Her passion for family and learning is evident in her work, making her a respected voice in the parenting community.

If you're looking for inspiration, advice, or a reliable source of information on early childhood education, look no further than Amy Palanjian. With her depth of knowledge and passion for helping parents and children grow and learn, she is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to enrich their family's lives.

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