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Anthony Falco

Anthony Falco

Meet the Pizza Czar himself, Anthony Falco - a culinary mastermind who has revolutionized the way we enjoy pizza. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Anthony's expertise and passion for all things pizza has made him one of the most sought after pizza consultants and chefs in the world.

Anthony began his culinary journey in Brooklyn, where he grew up making pizza with his grandfather. His passion for pizza soon took him all over the world as he honed his skills and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He has worked with some of the most innovative brands and restaurants, including Roberta's, The Standard, and The Halal Guys, to name a few.

Anthony's unique approach to pizza has earned him a reputation as a bit of a maverick in the industry. His pizzas are known for being experimental, using non-traditional toppings and flavor combinations that take pizza to another level. He is known for experimenting with various techniques, methods, and ingredients, always pushing the limits of what's possible with pizza.

Not only is Anthony passionate about culinary innovation, but he also cares deeply about sustainability and ethical sourcing. He has been a vocal advocate for locally sourced ingredients and has worked with many sustainable farming organizations to promote sustainable practices in the industry.

When he's not in the kitchen or advising restaurants, Anthony is a celebrated author and educator. His book Pizza Czar, which explores the history and culture of pizza, has received critical acclaim and is widely regarded as one of the best pizza books on the market.

All in all, Anthony Falco is a visionary culinary artist whose passion and creativity have breathed new life into the world of pizza. Whether you're a fan of classic Neapolitan pizza or crave something a little more unconventional, Anthony's expertise and ingenuity are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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