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Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez

Introducing Ashley Rodriguez - Award-Winning Cookbook Author and Food Blogger

Ashley Rodriguez is a Seattle-based food lover, cookbook author, and food blogger who writes passionately about her journey with food and the different flavors it brings to life. She is known for her unique way of showcasing her love for food through creative and easy-to-follow recipes that inspire people worldwide by utilizing simple and fresh ingredients.

Ashley Rodriguez first started her journey with food through her food blog, Not Without Salt, which has been a go-to source for culinary inspiration for more than a decade, and it justly earned her a place among the top food bloggers in the industry.

Her cookbook, Date Night In, also won the prestigious James Beard Foundation award, which is considered to be among the highest honors in the food industry. This cookbook has inspired many couples to fall in love with cooking together and to create special moments around the table with delicious meals that they can share, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Ashley Rodriguez is a sought-after speaker and has been featured on major international platforms such as the renowned TED series of conferences, where she has shared her innovative ideas on how cooking can make us feel more alive, bring us closer together, and ultimately nourish our bodies and souls.

In addition to being an author and blogger, Ashley Rodriguez is also a successful businesswoman, with a thriving catering company and a line of specialty food products that are locally sourced in Seattle.

Overall, Ashley Rodriguez's journey with food has been inspiring, and her passion for connecting people through food is a message that resonates beyond the food industry. She has become an influential voice in the culinary world and beyond, and her recipes and ideas have inspired countless people around the globe to connect with food in a more intimate and meaningful way.

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