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Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz is a technology industry veteran, investor, and entrepreneur who co-founded one of Silicon Valley's premier technology venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz in 2009. Known for his pioneering work in software design and development, Horowitz has helped shape the tech industry as we know it today.

Horowitz is a widely respected voice in the tech industry, and his thought leadership is sought out by executives, entrepreneurs and investors alike. He regularly shares his insights on organizational culture, leadership, and management, and has authored two books, The Hard Thing About Hard Things and What You Do Is Who You Are – which distill his extensive experience and lessons learned into tangible, actionable advice.

After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in Computer Science, Horowitz worked at a number of top tech companies, including Netscape, AOL, and HP. In 1999, he co-founded Opsware, a software company that was eventually sold to HP for just over $1.6 billion. Following Opsware's acquisition, he joined Hewlett-Packard as Vice President and General Manager of the Business Technology Optimization group.

In 2009, Horowitz teamed up with tech luminary Marc Andreessen to launch Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm with a mission to help entrepreneurs build the companies of the future. Since its inception, the firm has invested in some of the most successful technology companies of recent years, including Airbnb, Lyft, Slack and Pinterest, among others. Horowitz continues to work closely with entrepreneurs and early-stage companies as a venture capitalist, using his expertise to help guide their growth and success.

Throughout his career, Horowitz has earned a reputation as a dynamic leader and visionary thinker, with a rare combination of technical depth and business acumen. He brings a wealth of insights to every interaction and is highly skilled at helping others navigate the complexities of modern business. In short, Ben Horowitz is an unmatched resource for anyone seeking to succeed in the tech industry today.

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