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Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis is a highly respected writer and investment adviser, best known for his acclaimed book, The Coffeehouse Investor. In the book, Schultheis lays out a simple, no-nonsense approach to investing that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of financial knowledge or experience.

Schultheis began his career as an investment advisor in 1982, after earning an MBA in finance from the University of Washington. He spent the next two decades honing his expertise, working with a variety of clients to help them navigate the complexities of the financial world. Along the way, he became increasingly frustrated with the convoluted and often misleading advice that was being offered by many financial advisors.

It was this frustration that led Schultheis to write The Coffeehouse Investor, first published in 1998. The book was an immediate success, thanks in large part to Schultheis’ clear, concise writing style and his ability to distill complex financial concepts into simple, actionable advice. Over the years, the book has become a classic in its field, and has inspired countless readers to take control of their finances and invest for the long-term.

In addition to his work as an author, Schultheis is also a sought-after speaker and commentator on financial topics. He has been featured in a wide range of media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and CNBC, and has spoken to audiences around the world about the importance of sound financial planning.

Despite his many accomplishments, Schultheis remains focused on what he sees as his true calling: helping everyday people achieve financial security and peace of mind. Whether he’s writing books, giving speeches, or working directly with clients, his goal is always the same: to make the complex world of finance more understandable and approachable for everyone.

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