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Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr is a name that is synonymous with excellence in the world of literature. As a New York Times bestselling author, he has written an impressive array of books, including critically acclaimed titles such as The Alienist, The Devil Soldier, and Killing Time.

What sets Caleb apart as an author is his uncanny ability to transport readers into a different time and place. His expertise lies in crafting rich historical novels that are both engaging and educational. He has a talent for blending facts with fiction, making his stories not only captivating but informative.

Caleb was born and raised in New York City, and his love for the city is evident in many of his works. He has a degree in history from Kenyon College and is also a graduate of the New York University Writer's Workshop. He has been writing since he was a teenager, and his dedication to the craft is apparent in the meticulous research that goes into every novel.

His breakout novel, The Alienist, thrust him into the international spotlight. Set in the Gilded Age of New York City, the novel follows the hunt for a serial killer in a gripping and suspenseful story that holds readers spellbound until the very end. The book remains a bestseller and inspired a Netflix series with the same name.

Caleb has also established himself as a regular contributor to several newspapers, including The Washington Post and The New York Times. He is a sought-after speaker and has been invited to speak at prestigious institutions, including the Library of Congress and The Smithsonian.

In addition to his writing career, Caleb is also an accomplished martial artist and has taught self-defense to military and law enforcement personnel. He is a man of many talents and continues to enthrall readers with his unique style of writing.

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