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Claire Weekes

Claire Weekes

Dr. Claire Weekes was a renowned Australian physician, health writer, and anxiety researcher who authored several acclaimed self-help books, including the classic best-seller, Hope and Help for Your Nerves.

Born in Sydney in 1903, Dr. Weekes was a trailblazer in anxiety treatment and a pioneer in the development of cognitive-behavioral therapy. She earned her medical degree from the University of Sydney and went on to work as a general practitioner, health educator, and researcher. It was during her many decades of clinical practice that Dr. Weekes developed her revolutionary approach to anxiety treatment, which emphasized the importance of understanding and accepting one's symptoms as a normal part of the human experience.

Dr. Weekes' books have helped millions of people worldwide and are celebrated in the fields of psychology and psychiatry as invaluable resources for patients and clinicians alike. Her work on the treatment of anxiety disorders has been featured in numerous academic journals, and she was awarded the Order of Australia in recognition of her contributions to mental health.

In addition to her groundbreaking clinical work, Dr. Weekes was an accomplished writer, lecturer, and media personality, known for her engaging teaching style and her ability to demystify complex concepts. Dr. Weekes was an inspiration to generations of therapists and patients and continues to be revered by those who seek to understand and treat anxiety disorders.

Today, Dr. Weekes' legacy lives on through her books, which have been translated into multiple languages, and her enduring influence on the fields of psychology and psychiatry. She is remembered as a compassionate and brilliant clinician who transformed the lives of people struggling with anxiety and helped to shape the way we understand and treat mental health disorders.

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