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Conor Knighton

Conor Knighton

Conor Knighton is an accomplished writer, journalist, and presenter, known for his wit, charm, and captivating storytelling ability. A native of California, Knighton has traveled the world, reporting on a wide range of subjects and events.

His most recent book, Leave Only Footprints, is a heartfelt and inspiring travel memoir that chronicles his journey to all 59 U.S. national parks in a single year. With humor, insight, and a deep love of nature, Knighton takes readers along for the ride as he explores the incredible landscapes and wildlife of these protected areas.

In addition to his work as a writer, Knighton is a versatile media personality. He has appeared on several popular television shows, including CBS Sunday Morning and The Late Late Show with James Corden. Knighton is also a skilled public speaker, having delivered keynote addresses and talks at events across the country.

Knighton's work is admired by many, and he has received numerous accolades for his writing and reporting. He was named a 2020 distinguished alumnus of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and Leave Only Footprints was included on Oprah Winfrey's coveted Book Club list in 2021.

Despite his many accomplishments, Knighton remains humble and grounded, always eager to connect with his readers and share his experiences with others. His passion for the natural world and his commitment to preserving it for future generations make him a true role model and inspiration to us all.

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