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Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy

Dervla Murphy is an extraordinary woman whose passion for travel and adventurous spirit have inspired readers all over the world. As a writer, she has penned over 20 delightful books, captivating audiences with her honest, witty and thought-provoking accounts of her travels to remote corners of the globe.

Born in Ireland in 1931, Dervla was brought up in a family where education, independence and outdoor pursuits were highly valued. It was this adventurous upbringing that instilled in her a love of exploration and an unquenchable thirst for new experiences.

Dervla's globe-trotting began in earnest with a trip to India in 1963, where she embarked on an epic cycling journey that took her across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. This extraordinary trek became the basis for her first book, "Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle", which quickly became a bestseller.

Since then, Dervla has spent much of her life travelling the world, from Ethiopia to Cuba, Mongolia to Nepal, and everywhere in between. With a sharp eye for detail and a gift for storytelling, she has chronicled her adventures in books that transport readers to another time and place.

Dervla's unique brand of travel writing has earned her legions of fans around the globe, and she has been widely recognised for her contributions to literature, feminism and adventure travel. She is a true pioneer – not just in the world of travel writing, but in the broader realm of the human spirit.

Beyond her talents as a writer and adventurer, Dervla is a tireless advocate for social justice, human rights and animal welfare. Through her writing and activism, she has inspired countless people to take action and make a difference in the world.

In short, Dervla Murphy is a true icon – a woman who has lived life on her own terms, and whose love of exploration has not only enriched her own life, but the lives of countless others.

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