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Diane McIntosh

Diane McIntosh

Diane McIntosh is an accomplished author, psychiatrist, and mental health advocate, with extensive experience in the field of psychiatry. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia, where she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.

Diane has made significant contributions to the mental health community through her research and publications in peer-reviewed journals. Her research focuses on mood disorders, particularly depression, and bipolar disorder. She has provided valuable insights into the diagnosis, treatment, and management of these conditions, making her a recognized authority in the field.

Diane is also deeply committed to educating the public and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. She frequently speaks at public events and conferences, sharing her knowledge and personal experiences with depression. Her infectious personality, combined with her wealth of knowledge and compassion, has made her a sought-after speaker and educator.

In addition to her professional achievements, Diane is the author of the book "This Is Depression: A Comprehensive, Compassionate Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Understand Depression". In this book, she draws on her own experiences with depression and the experiences of her patients to provide an accessible and informative resource for anyone struggling with mental health.

Diane's passion and dedication to mental health have earned her numerous awards and recognition, including the Clinical Educator Award from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. She was also named one of the top 100 physicians in Canada in 2017 by the Canadian Medical Association.

Overall, Diane McIntosh is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and skilled psychiatrist who is committed to making a positive impact on the mental health community. Her contributions to the field of psychiatry and her dedication to reducing stigma make her a truly inspiring figure.

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