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Diane Wiessinger

Diane Wiessinger

Diane Wiessinger is a well-known author, speaker, and lactation consultant with over 30 years of experience in the field. Her impactful work has influenced thousands of families, healthcare professionals, and policy-makers around the world.

Through her seminal book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Diane has inspired and empowered new mothers to breastfeed their babies with confidence and ease. Her unique approach to breastfeeding education recognizes and respects the innate wisdom of mothers and babies, and promotes gentle, baby-led breastfeeding practices.

In addition to her work as an author, Diane is a sought-after speaker who has presented at countless conferences, seminars, and workshops. Her engaging and informative talks explore a wide range of topics related to breastfeeding, including overcoming common challenges, navigating medical interventions, and advocating for breastfeeding-friendly policies and practices.

Diane is also a seasoned lactation consultant who has helped countless families achieve their breastfeeding goals. Her compassionate, client-centered approach and deep understanding of the science behind breastfeeding make her a trusted and effective resource for families of all kinds.

Beyond her clinical work, Diane is a tireless advocate for breastfeeding and mother-infant health. She has been involved in numerous policy-making and educational initiatives aimed at improving breastfeeding rates and outcomes in communities across the globe.

With her wealth of experience, wealth of knowledge, and commitment to empowering families, it is no wonder that Diane Wiessinger is widely regarded as a leader in the field of breastfeeding and lactation. Whether through her writing, her speaking, or her clinical work, Diane is a true champion for breastfeeding and a role model for anyone interested in supporting the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies.

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