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Dina Rose

Dina Rose

Dina Rose is a Ph.D. in sociology and an expert in child development and nutrition. She is an author, researcher, and public speaker dedicated to helping families raise healthy, happy eaters. Dina's unwavering passion for her work led her to the creation of her acclaimed book, "It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating", which has been praised by both professionals and parents alike.

Through her years of research and personal experiences, Dina has learned that it's not about forcing children to eat their vegetables or obsessing over calorie-counting. Instead, it's about fostering healthy eating habits that last a lifetime, which involves a holistic approach that takes into account the social, emotional, and cultural factors that affect how children eat. With this in mind, Dina provides practical tips, strategies, and resources to help families transform the way they eat.

Dina's extensive work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, Psychology Today, and Forbes. She also regularly appears as a guest expert on radio shows and podcasts, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise on topics related to child nutrition and development. Her TEDx talk, "Rethinking Healthy Eating for Kids," has received widespread acclaim and has been viewed by thousands around the world.

In addition to her writing and speaking, Dina is also a trained sociologist and researcher. She has conducted various studies on the social and cultural factors that affect children's eating habits and has presented her findings at academic conferences around the world. Her research has contributed to a growing body of knowledge on how parents can nurture healthy eating habits in their children.

Overall, Dina Rose is a recognized authority on child nutrition and development, a trusted adviser to parents around the world, and a passionate advocate for healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

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