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Efisio Farris

Efisio Farris

Efisio Farris is a writer, chef, and cultural ambassador who has dedicated his life to preserving and promoting the culinary traditions of Sardinia, the Mediterranean island where he was born and raised.

Growing up in a small village where his family owned a farm, Efisio learned from a young age the importance of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the art of cooking. After pursuing a degree in philosophy and literature, he went on to work as a chef in some of Italy's most celebrated restaurants, where he honed his skills and refined his palate.

In the late 1990s, Efisio moved to New York City to share his knowledge and passion for Sardinian cuisine with a wider audience. He quickly made a name for himself as a master of the art, drawing rave reviews for his inventive dishes that blended traditional techniques with contemporary ingredients.

Over the years, Efisio has become a tireless advocate for Sardinia's cultural heritage, organizing festivals, leading culinary tours, and authoring several books, including the acclaimed memoir, Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey. His work has been featured in major publications around the world, and he has been recognized with numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the world of food and wine.

Despite his success, Efisio remains deeply committed to his roots, spending much of his time at his family's farm on the island of Sardinia, where he continues to explore, experiment, and innovate in the kitchen. His latest projects include developing new recipes and culinary products, as well as collaborating with local artisans and producers to showcase the best of Sardinian culture to the world.

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