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Eli J Finkel

Eli J Finkel

Eli J. Finkel is a leading social and personality psychologist who specializes in the psychology of close relationships. He is a professor of psychology and management at Northwestern University, and the director of the Northwestern Relationships and Motivation Lab. In addition to his academic work, Finkel has become a sought-after speaker, consultant, and media commentator on relationships and other topics.

Finkel's research focuses on understanding the processes that govern healthy, happy relationships, as well as those that contribute to their breakdown. He has published over 150 scientific papers and is widely recognized as one of the most influential voices in the field. His work has been covered extensively in the popular press, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and NPR.

In his most recent book, The All-or-Nothing Marriage, Finkel offers a groundbreaking analysis of the modern marriage. Drawing on the latest research from psychology, sociology, and economics, Finkel argues that the expectations we place on our relationships have fundamentally changed over time. Where couples in the past might have been content with a more pragmatic, companionate arrangement, today's couples demand much more from their partners. As a result, many marriages struggle to live up to these sky-high expectations, leading to dissatisfaction and even divorce.

Despite this sobering analysis, Finkel remains an optimist at heart. He believes that modern relationships can be deeply fulfilling, but only if we are willing to approach them with greater intentionality and flexibility. Whether you are single, dating, or married, Finkel's work offers valuable insights into what it takes to create a thriving, fulfilling relationship in the modern world.

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