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Emiko Davies

Emiko Davies

Meet Emiko Davies, a writer and a photographer who specializes in sharing her passion for Tuscan and Italian food culture with the world. Her debut cookbook, "Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence," is a highly-acclaimed collection of authentic Florentine recipes that has received widespread recognition and praise from food experts, critics, and lovers alike.

Emiko's love affair with Italian cuisine started at a young age when she spent time in Tuscany. Immersed in the local kitchen, she learned about traditional cooking techniques and explored the rich flavors and history of Tuscan cuisine. Today, Emiko is a highly respected authority on Italian food, sharing her expertise and knowledge through her books, blogs, columns, and courses.

As a food writer, Emiko has contributed to various publications and media outlets around the globe, including Food52, The Guardian, Jamie Magazine, and La Cucina Italiana. Her work has also been featured in leading food publications like Bon Appétit and Saveur. When she's not writing about food, Emiko enjoys capturing her culinary creations with her lens, and her stunning photography has been published in several cookbooks and magazines.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a complete novice, Emiko's work is sure to inspire and elevate your cooking experience. Through her love for traditional Tuscan dishes and her contemporary take on Italian cuisine, she has pioneered an authentic and approachable style of cooking that is both sophisticated and down-to-earth.

In addition to cooking and writing, Emiko is an excellent speaker and teacher who is passionate about sharing her expertise with others. She regularly hosts cooking classes, workshops, and events, both in person and online, attracting food enthusiasts of all levels from around the world.

Emiko Davies is a storyteller, and her tales of Tuscan and Italian cuisine capture the essence of Italy, its people, and its rich food culture. If you're looking to explore the world of Italian cuisine or simply want to add a touch of Italy to your cooking, Emiko Davies is the perfect guide to take you there.

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