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Erik Larson

Erik Larson

Erik Larson is an American author and journalist who has established a formidable reputation as a master of narrative non-fiction. Over the course of several decades, Larson has written a string of critically acclaimed books that have won countless awards and enthralled readers around the world.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1954, Larson has always had a passion for storytelling. After earning a degree in Russian history from the University of Pennsylvania, he began his career as a journalist, working for publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. It was during this period that he honed his skills as an investigative reporter and developed a deep understanding of the power of narrative.

Larson burst onto the literary scene in 1992 with his first book, The Naked Consumer, a searing critique of modern American consumer culture that was widely praised for its incisive analysis and biting wit. He followed this up with a series of books that explored a wide range of topics, from the sinking of the Lusitania in Dead Wake to the devastating Galveston hurricane of 1900 in Isaac's Storm.

However, it was with The Devil in the White City that Larson truly cemented his status as one of the foremost writers of narrative non-fiction. The book tells the chilling true story of the serial killer H.H. Holmes, who terrorized Chicago during the 1893 World's Fair. It was an instant bestseller and a critical triumph, and has since been hailed as a masterpiece of suspense and character-driven storytelling.

Throughout his career, Larson has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to accuracy and thorough research, and his books are widely regarded as some of the most meticulously researched works of non-fiction in the field. His ability to weave together vast amounts of historical detail into gripping narratives has made him a beloved and influential figure in the literary world.

Today, Erik Larson continues to write and publish books that tackle some of history's most fascinating and little-known stories. He lives in Seattle with his wife, a novelist and attorney, and their three daughters.

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