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Frans X. Plooij

Frans X. Plooij

Frans X. Plooij is a renowned Dutch author, researcher, and organizational consultant whose work has transformed the field of child development. He is best known for his groundbreaking research on the developmental leaps that children undergo during the first 20 months of life, and for his best-selling book, The Wonder Weeks, which has been published in multiple languages and sold millions of copies worldwide.

With over 40 years of experience in child psychology, Frans has been helping parents all over the world understand their baby's world and give them the best start in life. As a clinical psychologist, he has provided guidance to countless families on everything from sleep consultations to language development.

But it was his groundbreaking work on the "Wonder Weeks" that made Frans a household name among parents. Through research that involved observing hundreds of babies and their families, he identified a series of predictable developmental leaps that babies go through, each of which is accompanied by significant changes in behavior, mood, and sleep patterns. This led to the creation of a groundbreaking app and book, both titled The Wonder Weeks, that provides parents with detailed information about what to expect during each leap and how best to support their baby during this critical time.

Today, Frans continues to be an influential voice in the field of child development. He regularly speaks at conferences and events around the world and provides organizational consulting to businesses that seek to improve their operations by understanding human behavior.

Whether he’s providing guidance to struggling parents or helping organizations better understand their employees, Frans' work is driven by a passion for understanding what makes people tick, and a deep commitment to improving the lives of those around him. His groundbreaking research and compassionate guidance make him a valuable resource for anyone seeking to better understand the complex world of child development, and a true leader in his field.

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