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Gemma Hartley

Gemma Hartley

Meet Gemma Hartley, an accomplished author and journalist whose writing focuses on issues of gender, culture, and parenting. Gemma's work has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and TIME, and she is a sought-after public speaker on these topics.

Perhaps most notably, Gemma is the author of Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward, a widely celebrated book that has been hailed as a "must-read" for anyone interested in exploring the inequities and imbalances that exist in relationships, workplaces, and society at large. Drawing on her own experiences as well as interviews with women from a wide range of backgrounds, Gemma offers insightful analysis and practical solutions for tackling the emotional labor that is often unfairly shouldered by women.

Gemma's writing is sharp, insightful, and deeply affecting, and her work is informed by a keen sense of empathy and a deep commitment to advocating for social justice. Whether she is writing about the nuances of modern motherhood or exploring the ways in which gender roles affect how we navigate our professional and personal lives, Gemma has a unique talent for bringing complex issues to life in a way that is thoughtful, engaging, and always accessible.

Beyond her writing, Gemma is also a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness and a vocal supporter of initiatives aimed at improving access to resources for those struggling with mental health challenges. This passion is reflected not only in her writing, but also in her work as a counselor and advocate.

Overall, Gemma Hartley is an accomplished and multifaceted writer, speaker, and advocate whose work is both impactful and deeply important. Whether you are a fan of her books, her journalism, or her public speaking, you are sure to be inspired by her insightful commentary on the issues that matter most to us all.

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