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Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia is a world-renowned author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is best known for his book, A Geek in Japan, which has been hailed as a must-read for anyone interested in Japanese culture. Hector is also the founder of JapanSmart, a consulting firm that helps individuals and businesses navigate the complex landscape of doing business in Japan.

Born and raised in Spain, Hector developed a passion for Japan from a young age. He spent several years living in Japan, immersing himself in the language, culture, and business practices. This experience gave him a unique perspective on Japan that he has shared with the world in his writing and speaking engagements.

Hector's expertise on Japan has made him a sought-after speaker on both a national and international scale. He has given talks to diverse audiences, ranging from top-level executives to college students. Hector's ability to connect with his audience and convey complex information in an easy-to-understand manner has made him a popular speaker at events around the world.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Hector has also authored several books on Japan, including A Geek in Japan and Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. His books have been translated into several languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. He is also a regular contributor to several prominent media outlets, including CNN, BBC, and The New York Times.

Hector's passion for Japan goes beyond business and writing. He is an avid traveler and photographer, capturing the beauty of Japan through his lens. He is also a student of Aikido, a Japanese martial art, and enjoys exploring the country's natural landscapes and cuisine.

Through his books, speaking engagements, and consulting firm, Hector has become one of the foremost experts on Japan. His insights into the country's culture, history, and business practices have helped individuals and businesses from around the world succeed in their endeavors in Japan.

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