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Jacquy Pfeiffer

Jacquy Pfeiffer

Introducing Jacquy Pfeiffer- the renowned pastry chef, author, and culinary instructor is like taking you on a journey to the world of sweet treats and desserts. With a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to the art of French pastry, Pfeiffer has set remarkable standards in the culinary industry, earning him global recognition and accolades.

Jacquy Pfeiffer was born and raised in Alsace, France. Growing up, he was fascinated with the art of French pastry making, which inspired him to pursue his passion for pastry. After completing his formal training at the prestigious Strasbourg Pâtisserie, he went on to earn his Master Pâtissier in 1986. Since then, Pfeiffer has established a solid reputation as a leading pastry chef, co-founding The French Pastry School in Chicago and serving as the award-winning school's academic dean.

An accomplished pastry chef, Pfeiffer has also earned critical acclaim for his culinary masterpieces. In 2013, his book, The Art of French Pastry, which he co-authored with Martha Rose Shulman, won a James Beard Foundation Award. The acclaimed cookbook has become a must-read for pastry enthusiasts, providing them with an intimate look into the world of French pastry-making and impeccable techniques.

Known for his love of teaching, Pfeiffer has influenced a new generation of pastry chefs through his instructional courses and mentorship. He has also served as a judge in major pastry competitions and has been invited to teach master classes around the world, including in his homeland of France.

Pfeiffer's infectious passion for French pastry and his unwavering commitment to excellence have forever changed the way we view pastry-making. His contributions to the culinary world have not gone unnoticed, earning him prestigious awards and recognitions throughout his career.

In summary, Jacquy Pfeiffer's lifelong dedication to pastry, his extraordinary skills as a chef, and his love of teaching make him one of the most exceptional pastry chefs of his generation, and a highly respected author and educator in the culinary industry.

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