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James C. Dobson

James C. Dobson

James C. Dobson is a world-renowned author, psychologist, and public speaker who has devoted his life to helping families navigate the challenges of parenthood. Widely recognized as one of the most influential voices on family issues, Dr. Dobson has written over 30 best-selling books addressing a wide range of topics related to parenting, marriage, and faith.

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1936, Dr. Dobson went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pasadena College (now Point Loma Nazarene University) in 1958, followed by a doctorate in Child Development from the University of Southern California in 1967. After serving as an associate clinical professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine and as a practicing clinical psychologist for over a decade, Dr. Dobson began to publish his research and insights on parenting and family relationships.

Today, Dr. Dobson is the founder and president of the James Dobson Family Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the institution of the family and promoting biblical principles in the United States and beyond. He is perhaps best known for his book Bringing Up Boys, which has sold millions of copies and has been translated into numerous languages. Dr. Dobson has also been a longtime contributor to the popular radio program Focus on the Family, where he has used his expertise to help millions of listeners build stronger, healthier families.

For his decades of work on behalf of families, Dr. Dobson has received numerous awards and accolades, including 18 honorary doctoral degrees and the prestigious Humanitarian Award from the California State Legislature. He has also been named one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America by Time magazine.

In addition to his work as a psychologist and author, Dr. Dobson is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He and his wife Shirley have been married for over 60 years and have two children and numerous grandchildren. Dr. Dobson continues to write, speak, and counsel on issues related to family and faith, and his work has touched the lives of countless individuals and families around the world.

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