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Jang Jin-sung

Jang Jin-sung

Introducing Jang Jin-sung

Jang Jin-sung is a man of vast knowledge and influence. He is an author, former North Korean government official and poet. Mr. Jang is fast becoming a household name, and his works are celebrated globally.

Mr. Jang was born in Chongjin, North Korea, and rose through the ranks to become one of the most trusted operatives within the North Korean government. His former position as a government officer has given him a wealth of knowledge about the real workings of the North Korean regime.

He defected to South Korea in 2004 after risking his life to escape the dictatorship. Since then, he has dedicated his life to telling the world about the harsh realities of life under the North Korean regime. His literary works, "Dear Leader" and "Escape from Camp 14" depict the horrors he and other North Koreans had to endure, and the extremes they had to go to survive institutional slavery.

In 2013, he founded New Focus International, an organization dedicated to shedding light on human rights violations in North Korea. Mr. Jang has been a guest at various international conferences and seminars and has received several recognitions for his works, including the Grand Prix Corée from the French Academy.

Besides his advocacy work, Mr. Jang is a poet and has published several poems in different languages. His poetry demonstrates the beauty, resilience, and endurance of the human spirit.

In conclusion, Mr. Jang Jin-sung is a man of many talents, and his works will undoubtedly continue to enlighten and impact generations to come. He is a voice of hope standing against the tyranny and spurring change.

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