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Jerrelle Guy

Jerrelle Guy

Jerrelle Guy is a culinary artist, photographer, recipe creator and author of Black Girl Baking, a cookbook that has captivated the hearts of many. Her unique take on familiar recipes and her passion for using locally sourced ingredients make her stand out in the world of food. With a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, she uses her storytelling skills to bring her recipes to life.

In her cookbook, Black Girl Baking, Jerrelle shares her personal journey through food and celebrates the flavors of the African diaspora. Her recipes draw from her Southern roots as well as her Caribbean and African heritage, creating a fusion of flavors that is as inspiring as it is delicious. Her recipes showcase her passion for using whole grains, seasonal produce and natural sweeteners, making it easy to create healthy and tasty desserts.

Jerrelle's love for photography is evident in the stunning images that accompany her recipes. Her food photography has been featured in numerous publications, including Food & Wine, The Kitchn and Saveur. She is also a writer and has contributed to various food publications, including Eater and Tasting Table.

Jerrelle is not just a cookbook author, but also a passionate advocate for food justice, sustainability and social issues. She believes that food is inherently political and that cooking and eating can be powerful tools for change. She is involved in various food-related organizations, including the Black Farmer Fund and the Culinary Institute of America's Menus of Change initiative.

In addition to her culinary pursuits, Jerrelle is an educator and mentor. She has led workshops on food and photography, and has taught classes on baking and pastry at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City.

Jerrelle Guy is a culinary visionary who has inspired many with her unique approach to baking and cooking. Her dedication to using whole foods, celebrating diverse flavors and advocating for food justice has made her a leader in the food industry. She is a true culinary artist and her work will continue to inspire and educate for years to come.

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