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Joanna Russ

Joanna Russ

Joanna Russ is an acclaimed American science fiction author, literary critic, and feminist activist who was born on February 22, 1937, in New York City. Known for her pioneering contributions to the science fiction genre, Russ has become an iconic figure in feminist literature circles, thanks to her novels, short stories, and critical essays that have consistently served as a voice for feminist and queer visibility, as well as social justice.

Throughout her long and distinguished career, Joanna Russ has written a diverse range of science fiction works that tackle everything from female sexuality and gender identity to political activism and philosophical inquiry. Much of her work explores the intersectionality of various identities, including gender, sexuality, and race, and she has long been an outspoken advocate for marginalized communities in publishing industries and the wider world.

Russ is best known for her novel, The Female Man, which was published in 1975, and is considered a major landmark in feminist science fiction literature. The book explores themes of gender, identity, and the social construction of femininity in a deeply imaginative, thought-provoking, and often confrontational way. Beyond The Female Man, Joanna Russ has authored several other groundbreaking works, including How to Suppress Women's Writing, a critical look at the ways women writers are marginalized and silenced, and We Who Are About To…, a thought-provoking science fiction novel that challenges traditional heroic tropes.

Although Joanna Russ is sadly no longer with us, her legacy continues to inspire new generations of readers and writers alike. A pioneer of feminist science fiction and an ardent defender of social justice, Joanna Russ will always be remembered as a deeply important voice in American letters, a feminist icon, and a trailblazer for queer writers and readers everywhere.

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