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Joseph Hansen

Joseph Hansen

Joseph Hansen, born in 1923 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, was an American author best known for writing crime fiction novels. Hansen has been described as one of the pioneers of queer American mystery writing, and his work is widely known for its portrayal of gay men in a time when homosexuality was often considered taboo.

Despite facing some initial rejection, Hansen's first novel, "Fadeout," was published in 1970 and introduced the public to his iconic protagonist, Dave Brandstetter, an openly gay detective. Over the course of his career, Hansen published a total of twelve Dave Brandstetter novels, earning him a loyal readership and critical acclaim.

In addition to his work as a crime fiction writer, Hansen also wrote plays, short stories, and essays. He was active in his community and used his platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. His work on the board of the Homosexual Information Center helped shape the organization's efforts to promote awareness and reduce discrimination against members of the gay community.

Hansen's impact on the literary world can not be overstated, as his work challenged societal norms and brought greater representation to the world of crime fiction. His writing has been praised for its honest, nuanced portrayal of gay men and the struggles they faced in a society that was not always accepting.

Today, Hansen's novels continue to be read and celebrated. His contributions to the literary world and the fight for LGBTQ+ rights continue to inspire new generations of writers and activists. Joseph Hansen will undoubtedly be remembered as a pioneer of queer American mystery writing and a champion of civil rights.

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