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Jurgen Ziewe

Jurgen Ziewe

Jurgen Ziewe is an award-winning author and artist, widely recognized for his contributions to the field of out-of-body experiences and consciousness studies. With a passion for exploring the nature of reality and the self, Jurgen has dedicated several decades to conducting extensive research on the phenomenon of astral projection, drawing from his own profound experiences as well as from the insights of other expert travelers.

Jurgen has authored several books on the subject, including his celebrated work, Vistas of Infinity: How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead, which offers a rare combination of compelling insights into the nature of our existence and practical guidance for cultivating a deeper sense of spiritual awareness. His latest book, Multidimensional Man, provides a compelling account of Jurgen's personal journey of self-discovery through the realms of consciousness, offering readers vital tools for developing their own abilities to explore new frontiers of awareness.

In addition to his literary achievements, Jurgen is also an accomplished artist, and his captivating visual creations have been featured in galleries across the world. His artwork graces the covers of many of his own books, infusing his works with a unique quality of imagination and beauty.

As a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, Jurgen has shared his insights and expertise with audiences across the globe, guiding participants on their own journeys of spiritual exploration, and touching the lives of many with his wisdom, compassion and insight.

Jurgen's pioneering contributions to the field of consciousness studies, combined with his exceptional ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and insight, have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading figures in the field. Whether you are a seasoned traveler on the path of spiritual inquiry or simply seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of existence, Jurgen Ziewe's work is essential reading, offering a wealth of insights, inspiration and guidance for anyone seeking to explore the deeper dimensions of consciousness.

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