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Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett is a renowned physical therapist, coach, and author with a passion for helping people move better and live healthier, more pain-free lives. He is the co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first and most successful CrossFit gyms in the world, and MobilityWOD, a revolutionary movement and mobility coaching program.

Kelly has dedicated his career to studying human movement and designing effective strategies to improve it. He has worked with elite athletes, military personnel, and everyday people of all ages and fitness levels, helping them to achieve their goals and optimize their physical performance. His coaching philosophy emphasizes functional movement, proper alignment, and injury prevention, and he has become a leading voice in the movement to shift the way people think about fitness and health.

In addition to his coaching work, Kelly is also a prolific author and educator. His first book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, quickly became a bestseller thanks to its innovative approach to mobility and movement. Since then, he has written several other books, including Ready to Run and Deskbound, all of which have received critical acclaim for their insights and practical advice.

Despite his accomplishments, Kelly remains committed to learning and growing as a coach and person. He is constantly researching new techniques and strategies, and working with clients from all walks of life to deepen his understanding of the human body and its potential.

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance, someone seeking relief from chronic pain or injury, or simply a person who wants to move better and live a healthier life, Kelly Starrett is an ideal guide and coach. His knowledge, expertise, and passion for his work are truly unmatched, and he is dedicated to helping everyone realize their fullest potential.

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