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Lennard Bickel

Lennard Bickel

Lennard Bickel (1924-2000) was an Australian author and journalist who is best known for his biography of Sir Douglas Mawson, Mawson's Will. Born in Sydney, Bickel began his journalism career as a copy boy for the Daily Telegraph before becoming a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald. Throughout his career, Bickel worked for various Australian publications such as The Bulletin, The Australian, and The Sun-Herald.

In addition to his work in journalism, Bickel was also a prolific author who wrote about Australian history and biography. He wrote several books including The Convict Ships (1955), Heroes and Villains (1963), and Shackleton (1977). However, it was his biography of Sir Douglas Mawson that brought him international recognition.

Mawson's Will tells the compelling story of Australian Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson and his doomed 1912 expedition to Antarctica. The book is regarded as a masterpiece of historical non-fiction and has been translated into multiple languages. Bickel spent years researching Mawson's life and expedition, traveling to Antarctica himself to retrace Mawson's journey. His attention to detail and ability to bring historical figures to life with vivid descriptions and storytelling have made him one of the most beloved Australian authors of the 20th century.

Throughout his career, Bickel was highly regarded by his peers and the public for his work in journalism and literature. He was a recipient of the Australian Journalists' Association award and was also made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his contributions to literature. With his dedication to the craft of storytelling and meticulous research, Bickel has left an indelible mark on Australian literature and biography.

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