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Les Parrott

Les Parrott

Les Parrott is a highly acclaimed author, speaker, and professor who has dedicated his life to helping couples build stronger, healthier relationships. With over 25 years of experience in the field of marriage and family therapy, Les has developed a reputation as one of the foremost experts on relationship issues.

As a bestselling author, Les has written over 50 books that have sold millions of copies worldwide. His books cover a wide range of topics related to relationships, including communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, and personal growth. Les is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking book, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, which has helped countless couples lay a foundation for a happy and lasting relationship.

In addition to his work as an author, Les is a sought-after speaker who has presented at conferences and events around the world. His engaging and dynamic presentations have captivated audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and his insights have helped countless people navigate the complexities of modern relationships.

Les is also a professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University, where he has taught for over 20 years. In addition to his work as a professor, Les is the founder of the Center for Relationship Development, a top-rated counseling practice that provides comprehensive relationship counseling to individuals, couples, and families.

Les has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, and The New York Times. He is a respected authority on relationships, and his work has helped millions of people around the world build stronger, healthier relationships.

Despite his many accomplishments, Les remains humble and dedicated to his work. He is a compassionate and empathetic person, and his passion for helping people is evident in everything he does. Les's unique combination of academic expertise, real-world experience, and heartfelt compassion make him one of the most respected and beloved relationship experts in the world.

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