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Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell is a critically acclaimed British author whose novels are known for their gripping plots, richly drawn characters, and intricate storytelling. With over 20 books to her name, she has become a beloved fixture in the world of contemporary fiction.

Born in 1968 in London, England, Lisa began her writing career as a journalist, working for several national newspapers and magazines. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for storytelling and began working on her first novel. Published in 1999, Ralph's Party was an instant bestseller, launching Lisa's fiction career.

Over the next two decades, Lisa published a string of successful novels, including Thirtynothing, A Friend of the Family, and The House We Grew Up In. Her writing has been praised for its psychological depth, emotional nuance, and deft plotting. Critics have noted Lisa's ability to capture the complexities of relationships, whether between friends, family members, or lovers.

Lisa's most recent novel, Then She Was Gone, has been a runaway success, topping bestseller lists around the world. It tells the story of a mother whose teenage daughter goes missing, and the harrowing journey she undergoes to uncover the truth about her disappearance. With its masterful twists and turns, deeply felt characters, and gripping prose, Then She Was Gone is a testament to Lisa's skill as a storyteller.

In addition to her writing, Lisa is a passionate advocate for literacy and education. She regularly speaks at schools and libraries, encouraging young readers to explore the world of literature and find their own voices as writers.

With her talent, passion, and commitment to craft, Lisa Jewell has become one of the most beloved and respected authors of her generation. Her novels are essential reading for anyone looking for compelling, emotionally resonant fiction.

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