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Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen is an iconic figure in the world of personal development, motivation, and entrepreneurship. He is best known as the co-author of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the ultimate guidebook for those who want to improve their lives and achieve their dreams. Throughout his career, Mark has been a powerful advocate for the idea that success is within the reach of everyone and has inspired millions of people to follow their passions and reach for the stars.

Mark's journey began in his hometown of Waukegan, Illinois, where he excelled academically and athletically as a high school student. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, he went on to teach high school English, but soon realized that his true passion was to help people transform their lives. He quickly became a sought-after speaker, delivering motivational talks all over the country.

It was in 1993 that Mark had his breakthrough moment when he co-authored the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book with his friend and colleague Jack Canfield. Since then, the pair have written more than 300 books, selling over 500 million copies worldwide in over 40 languages. Mark's books and teachings have touched people of all ages and cultures, helping them to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Aside from his work in the personal development industry, Mark is also a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is the founder and CEO of MEGA Holdings, a multi-million dollar enterprise that offers courses, seminars, and coaching to entrepreneurs and business owners. He is also a noted philanthropist and activist, supporting causes such as education reform, the arts, and environmental conservation.

Despite his many accomplishments, Mark remains grounded and committed to his mission of empowering people to live their best lives. He is a true inspiration to millions of people around the world, and a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and never giving up on your dreams.

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