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Marko Petkovic

Marko Petkovic

Marko Petkovic is a relationship expert and author who has helped thousands of couples achieve happiness and fulfillment in their marriages. With over a decade of experience in the field, Marko Petkovic is a trusted and respected figure in the world of relationships, and is known for his compassionate and effective approach to helping people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Born and raised in Europe, Marko Petkovic holds a degree in psychology and has extensive training in couples counseling and therapy. He has dedicated his career to studying the dynamics of relationships and finding effective ways to help couples strengthen their bonds, increase their intimacy, and achieve greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Marko Petkovic is the author of the bestselling book, "47 Little Love Boosters for a Happy Marriage," which has been praised by readers and reviewers alike for its practical, insightful advice and inspiration. His expertise has been featured in various media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Glamour, MindBodyGreen, BuzzFeed, and more.

As a public speaker, Marko Petkovic has a natural ability to connect with his audience and deliver heartfelt, engaging presentations that inspire and motivate. Whether he is speaking to a group of couples, a corporate audience, or a classroom of students, Marko Petkovic's message is always insightful, inspiring, and relevant.

In addition to his formal training and extensive experience as a relationship expert, Marko Petkovic is also a devoted husband and father, which gives him a personal perspective on the joys and challenges of marriage and family life. He is deeply committed to helping people from all walks of life achieve greater love, joy, and fulfillment in their relationships, and is known throughout the industry as a compassionate and insightful ally to those he serves.

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