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Megan Twohey

Megan Twohey

Megan Twohey is a prominent investigative journalist, author, and co-author of the bestselling book "She Said." She is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter whose work has exposed sexual abuse and harassment within powerful institutions, sparking widespread societal change.

Twohey began her impressive career in journalism as a reporter for the Duluth News Tribune, where she worked for six years covering a wide range of topics, from crime to politics. She later moved on to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where she spent a decade exposing public corruption and breaking important news stories.

In 2016, Twohey joined the staff of the New York Times, where she co-authored a groundbreaking investigation into Harvey Weinstein's long history of sexual misconduct. The investigation earned the Pulitzer Prize in Public Service, as well as numerous other awards.

"She Said," the book she co-wrote with fellow Times reporter Jodi Kantor, shares a behind-the-scenes account of their groundbreaking investigation into Weinstein's decades-long abuse of power. The book has been hailed as a landmark in the #MeToo movement and has inspired countless other women to speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse.

Twohey's fearless and uncompromising reporting has sparked significant social change and is a testament to the power of journalism to hold the powerful accountable. She is a role model for aspiring journalists, and her unwavering commitment to truth and justice is an inspiration to all who believe in the power of the press to effect positive change.

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