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Meghan Telpner

Meghan Telpner

Meghan Telpner is a globally recognized author, speaker, and nutritionist who is dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge they need to take ownership of their health and well-being. A passionate advocate for natural and holistic healing solutions, Meghan has helped countless individuals around the world achieve optimal health through her innovative and inspiring approach to nutrition and wellness.

As the founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, Meghan has pioneered a new standard for culinary education, blending the principles of holistic health with the art of cooking to create a truly unique and transformative learning experience. Her signature UnDiet program, which emphasizes the importance of whole foods, self-care, and mindfulness, has been featured in publications such as Forbes and The Globe and Mail, and has garnered a devoted following from health-conscious individuals around the globe.

In addition to her work as a nutritionist, Meghan is also a sought-after speaker, delivering inspiring talks and workshops at conferences, events, and organizations around the world. Whether she is sharing her expertise on gut health, plant-based eating, or the power of positive thinking, Meghan brings a wealth of knowledge, energy, and passion to every engagement.

With her engaging personality, adventurous spirit, and unwavering commitment to helping others, Meghan Telpner is a true force of nature in the world of nutrition and wellness. Whether you are looking to improve your diet, boost your energy, or simply live a healthier and more fulfilling life, Meghan is the perfect guide to help you achieve your goals and unleash your full potential. So why wait? Sign up for one of her courses, attend one of her events, or check out her best-selling book UnDiet today, and start your journey towards optimal health and well-being with Meghan Telpner!

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