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Michael Greger

Michael Greger

Michael Greger, MD, FACLM is an internationally renowned physician, author, and speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller “How Not to Die”, as well as the “How Not to Die Cookbook”. Dr. Greger is also the founder of the non-profit organization, which provides free, evidence-based information on the latest in nutrition research.

Dr. Greger received his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and completed his residency in general practice at the University of Virginia Health System. He is a founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine.

As a leading expert on the impact of diet on health and disease, Dr. Greger has lectured extensively throughout the world, appearing on numerous radio and television shows, as well as in documentary films such as “Forks Over Knives,” “What the Health?,” and “The Game Changers.” He has also testified before Congress and serves as an advisor to the United Nations on issues related to food safety and sustainability.

In addition to his work as a medical doctor and public health advocate, Dr. Greger is also an accomplished chef and has shared his passion for plant-based cooking through his cookbooks and online content. He believes that a whole food, plant-based diet is the key to preventing and reversing chronic diseases, and is committed to helping people make the transition to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Dr. Greger’s work is grounded in scientific research and evidence, and he has dedicated his career to sharing this information with the public in an accessible and engaging way. Whether you are seeking to improve your own health, or are simply interested in the latest in nutrition research, Dr. Greger is an invaluable resource and a passionate advocate for a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

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