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Michael Matthews

Michael Matthews

Michael Matthews is a renowned author, fitness expert, and entrepreneur. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Bigger Leaner Stronger, Thinner Leaner Stronger, and other famous fitness books. Michael is also the founder of Legion Athletics, a company that creates sports supplements based on scientific research and clinically effective dosages, providing customers around the world with premium products that are both safe and effective.

Michael’s passion for fitness began during his teenage years, when he took up weightlifting as a way to build confidence and improve his physical and mental health. He dedicated himself to learning everything he could about the science of fitness, from nutrition to exercise physiology, and became determined to help others achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Through his books and his work with Legion Athletics, Michael has helped countless people transform their bodies and their lives. His advice is based on evidence-based research and his own personal experiences, reflecting his commitment to providing individuals with the most effective, safe, and sustainable approaches to fitness.

Michael’s philosophy centers on the core principles of progressive overload, proper nutrition, and consistency. He believes that making gradual progress, fueled by healthy food choices, is the key to successfully achieving fitness goals. His books provide step-by-step guidance on everything from strength training to meal planning, ensuring that readers have access to all the tools they need to succeed.

As a recognized authority on fitness, Michael has been featured in major media outlets such as Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, and The Huffington Post. He is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of others and continues to inspire people around the world to achieve their best selves.

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