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Michael W. Covel

Michael W. Covel

Michael W. Covel is a renowned author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to the study of trend following, risk management, and successful trading strategies. With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, Michael has established himself as an expert in the field, offering unique insights into how market trends can be leveraged to achieve wealth and financial freedom.

Michael's journey into the world of finance began in the mid-1990s, when he became interested in the strategies used by some of the world's most successful traders. This interest ultimately led him to write his bestselling book, "Trend Following: How to Make a Fortune in Bull, Bear and Black Swan Markets", which has become the go-to guide for anyone looking to succeed in the markets.

In addition to his writing, Michael is also a successful filmmaker. His documentaries, including "Broke: The New American Dream" and "Trend Following", have received critical acclaim for their insightful commentary on the financial industry and its challenges.

As an entrepreneur, Michael has founded several companies, including Trend Following Radio and Trend Following Analytics. These ventures are designed to provide traders and investors with the tools and information they need to succeed in today's fast-paced financial world.

What sets Michael apart from other financial experts is his commitment to sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He is a sought-after speaker and has delivered keynote addresses at events all around the world. He is also a dedicated mentor, offering coaching and guidance to aspiring traders and investors.

With his unparalleled expertise, unique insights, and passion for the markets, Michael W. Covel is considered one of the true giants in the world of finance. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice investor, his advice and guidance can help you achieve your financial goals and enjoy the wealth and freedom that come with success.

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