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Michelle Tam

Michelle Tam

Introducing Michelle Tam: An Inspiring Cook, Author, and Health Enthusiast

Michelle Tam is a renowned cookbook author, food blogger, and culinary expert. She is the creator of Nom Nom Paleo, a blog that has been recognized by both The New York Times and Saveur as one of the top food blogs in the United States. Michelle has also contributed recipes and articles to numerous well-known publications such as The Kitchn, Serious Eats, and Whole30.

With a degree in nutrition and food science, Michelle has always been passionate about the connection between food and good health. In her blog and other platforms, she shares her love for nutritious and delicious cooking, and her mission to inspire others to make positive lifestyle changes that promote wellness and happiness.

Through her award-winning cookbooks, Michelle has not only made cooking fun and accessible to many but has also challenged conventional notions of what a healthy diet looks like. Her best-selling cookbook Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans, co-authored with her husband Henry Fong, has been praised for its inventive and flavorful Paleo recipes, and for its visually stunning layout and design.

In addition to writing and cooking, Michelle is also a popular speaker, educator, and advocate for healthy eating. She regularly speaks at cooking events, conferences, and workshops, sharing her expertise on topics ranging from cooking methods to ingredient selection, and she actively collaborates with health and wellness professionals to create resources and programs that support healthy living.

Not only has Michelle earned a massive following in the food and nutrition industry, but she has also inspired countless people around the world to adopt a healthier lifestyle through her energetic and upbeat style. Her commitment to making healthy living fun, simple, and accessible is truly inspiring, and her work continues to make a positive impact on the world.

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