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Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz is an award-winning investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking book, The Big Fat Surprise. With a unique background in science, political science, and investigative journalism, Nina has become a leading voice in the national discourse on nutrition and health.

After receiving a degree in biology from Yale, Nina began her career working in politics for a former governor of Vermont. From there, she went on to work in journalism, writing for The New Yorker, The Economist, and The New York Times. In 2014, she published The Big Fat Surprise, which challenged the conventional wisdom that a low-fat diet was the key to good health and demonstrated how the science behind this theory was flawed.

Since the publication of her book, Nina has been a sought-after public speaker and has appeared on numerous media outlets, including the Today Show, National Public Radio, and Fox News. She is also a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal and has testified before Congress on dietary guidelines.

Nina is the founder and executive director of the Nutrition Coalition, a non-profit organization that advocates for evidence-based nutrition policy. Through her work with the Coalition, Nina has been instrumental in bringing attention to the need for more rigorous science in nutrition research and in pushing for transparency in the dietary guidelines process.

Overall, Nina Teicholz is a visionary leader who challenges conventional thought and inspires others to rethink their approach to health and nutrition. She is a brilliant communicator, passionate advocate, and forward-thinking innovator who has made a significant impact on the national discourse on health and nutrition.

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