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Og Mandino

Og Mandino

Og Mandino was an American author and motivational speaker who inspired millions of people around the world through his books and speeches. Born in 1923 in Natick, Massachusetts, Mandino experienced several hardships in his life, including losing his mother at a young age and being a US Army Air Corps bomber pilot during World War II. However, those challenges didn't deter him from pursuing his dreams and making a positive impact on society.

With over 50 million copies of his books sold worldwide, Og Mandino is best known for his bestseller, The Greatest Salesman in the World, which was published in 1968. This book has been translated into more than 25 languages and continues to inspire generations of readers. It contains 10 simple but powerful principles for personal and professional success, based on the story of a poor camel boy who transforms his life with the help of a wise mentor.

Mandino's other notable works include The Greatest Miracle in the World, The Choice, and The Twelfth Angel, all of which have also been bestsellers. His writing style is direct, honest, and infused with genuine warmth and empathy for his readers.

In addition to writing, Mandino was also a renowned motivational speaker who delivered hundreds of speeches to corporations, schools, and other groups. He believed in the power of positive thinking and encouraged others to believe in themselves and their abilities. His speeches were engaging, inspiring, and often humorous, leaving his audiences feeling motivated and energized.

Despite passing away in 1996, Og Mandino's legacy lives on through his timeless teachings and inspiring messages. He remains an inspiration to people of all ages and backgrounds, and his books continue to transform lives around the world. As a devoted husband and father, he personified the qualities he espoused in his books: honesty, integrity, kindness, and a deep commitment to personal growth and development.

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