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Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer is a gifted speaker, author, and actress who has made a significant impact in the world of faith-based entertainment. With over two decades of experience in ministry, Priscilla has become a sought-after speaker at conferences, churches and events across North America.

Priscilla is well-known for her passionate love for God and her unwavering commitment to share the gospel with all who will listen. Her dynamic preaching style is infused with humor, personal anecdotes, and insightful perspectives on the Scriptures that make the Word of God come alive.

In addition to her work as a communicator, Priscilla is a prolific author who has written numerous best-selling books, including the highly acclaimed "Fervent" and "Awaken." Her profound insights on prayer, spiritual warfare, and the pursuit of intimacy with God have inspired millions of readers around the world.

Priscilla is also an accomplished actress who has starred in several faith-based films, including "War Room" and "I Can Only Imagine." Her natural talent on screen and on stage has earned her critical acclaim and made her a beloved figure in the Christian entertainment industry.

Despite her many successes, Priscilla remains rooted in her faith and is dedicated to using her platform to make a positive impact in the world. Whether through her speaking engagements, books, or acting projects, she is committed to shining a light on the love, grace, and power of Jesus Christ.

Overall, Priscilla Shirer is a remarkable woman whose heart for God and dedication to serving others have made her an inspiration to millions around the world.

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