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Rachel Jankovic

Rachel Jankovic

Rachel Jankovic is a bestselling author, speaker, and mother of seven who has captured the hearts of countless readers with her profound insights and relatable storytelling. Known for her refreshingly candid approach to faith and motherhood, Rachel has become a beloved voice in the Christian community, encouraging women to embrace the joys and challenges of domestic life with grace, humor, and humility.

Rachel's journey began in rural Idaho, where she grew up as the daughter of renowned pastor Douglas Wilson. Although she initially resisted following in her father's footsteps, Rachel eventually discovered a passion for writing and storytelling that led to her first book, Loving the Little Years. Since then, she has published several other works, including Fit to Burst and You Who: Why You Matter and How to Deal with It.

In addition to her writing, Rachel is a sought-after speaker who has addressed audiences at conferences, retreats, and events around the world. Her messages are infused with humor and wisdom, and she is known for her ability to connect with women of all ages and backgrounds.

As a mother of seven children, Rachel is intimately familiar with the ups and downs of family life. She writes and speaks about the importance of cultivating a thriving home, emphasizing the value of hard work, hospitality, and a deep connection with Christ. Her insights are both practical and profound, and she has inspired countless women to embrace the beauty and messiness of motherhood with joy and gratitude.

Above all, Rachel is passionate about Jesus Christ and devoted to spreading His message of hope and grace. Her writing and speaking reflect a heart that is deeply rooted in the gospel and committed to sharing its life-changing power with others.

Whether you're a busy mom, a young woman just starting out, or anyone in between, Rachel Jankovic's message is sure to inspire, challenge, and encourage you on your journey of faith and motherhood.

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