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Rachel Roddy

Rachel Roddy

Rachel Roddy is a renowned food writer, cook, and guardian columnist. Her love for food and culinary expertise is well-known and appreciated across the globe. Hailing from the UK, Rachel moved to Italy in 2005 and settled in the vibrant city of Rome, which turned out to be a life-changing experience for her.

Rachel's love for Italian cuisine and culture is evident in her cooking style and her writing, which is inspired by the local market, regional produce and traditional, quintessentially Italian dishes. Her deep immersion into Italian culture and lifestyle has enlightened her on the cultural significance of food.

Rachel's focus on local ingredients and Italian cooking traditions has earned her a tremendous following and made her a much-admired figure in the food industry. Her debut cookbook "Five Quarters: Recipes And Notes From A Kitchen In Rome" won a prestigious Andre Simon Award in 2015, which speaks volumes about her culinary prowess.

Her famous column "The Kitchen Sink Diaries" on The Guardian, where she shares tales from her kitchen in Rome, has helped her become a sought-after food writer and culinary authority. Rachel's writing style effortlessly combines personal experiences with her culinary knowledge to enthrall readers in a unique manner.

Rachel's passion for cooking, writing and sharing her experiences of Italy's vibrant culinary scene has made her an inspiration to many aspiring chefs and food writers. She has been featured in several high-profile publications, including The New York Times and The Financial Times, and has appeared on numerous television shows.

Rachel Roddy's passion for food and cooking is a testament to the joy that cooking and sharing food can bring to people's lives. She continues to inspire people with her culinary expertise and is a valuable and much-loved member of the food writing community.

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