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Rena Pederson

Rena Pederson

Rena Pederson is an award-winning author, journalist, and public speaker based in Dallas, Texas. Having worked in journalism for over 20 years, Rena has honed her skills in writing and storytelling, with expertise in politics, foreign affairs, and social justice issues.

She is a Harvard-educated author who has gained recognition for her insightful writing, which reflects depth and sensitivity to the nuances of critical issues. Rena's works span across different genres, including nonfiction, memoir, and even a children's book series.

Rena's most recent book, The Burma Spring, is a powerful memoir that chronicles her journey to Myanmar, where she uncovers the realities of life in the country amidst its political turmoil. Renowned for her passion for telling human-interest stories, Rena's writing is always emotionally charged and offers readers an intimate look into a life that is often overlooked by the mainstream media.

Rena is not only a celebrated author, but she has also been featured on numerous television and radio programs and has given several keynote speeches at conferences, colleges, and universities. Her work at the Dallas Morning News newspaper has earned her respect in the journalism community, having won numerous national and regional awards.

Beyond her work in journalism and writing, Rena is also actively involved in the community. She has been a member of the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth since 1982 and serves on the boards of various non-profit organizations. She also devotes her time to mentoring young writers, believing that the future of writing and journalism depends on the nurturing of the next generation.

In summary, Rena Pederson is a talented and accomplished writer, journalist, and storyteller with unparalleled insights into the human experience. Her body of work reflects her unwavering dedication to storytelling that impacts, inspires, and informs readers worldwide.

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