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Rivers Solomon

Rivers Solomon

Rivers Solomon is an extraordinary and deeply talented author, whose work is captivating, thought-provoking, and highly engaging. Drawing on a vast range of themes and ideas, their writing ranges from the surreal to the heart-wrenching, from the highly imaginative to the deeply grounded in reality.

At the heart of Rivers' work is a passionate commitment to exploring complex issues of identity, oppression, and marginalization. They have a unique voice that speaks directly to those who have felt excluded or marginalized in our society, and their writing is both a celebration of difference and a powerful critique of the systems that seek to suppress it.

Rivers' debut novel, An Unkindness of Ghosts, is a breathtaking work of science fiction that has swiftly become a cult classic. Set aboard a vast, isolated spaceship hurtling towards an uncertain future, the book explores issues of race, gender, and power with extraordinary sensitivity and insight.

Their work has been widely praised by critics and readers alike, and they have quickly established themselves as one of the most important voices in contemporary literature. Their writing is both deeply personal and highly political, drawing on their own experiences as a queer, black, gender-nonconforming author to speak to issues that affect us all.

In addition to their writing, Rivers is an accomplished public speaker, using their unique perspective and insights to engage with audiences around the world on issues of identity, diversity, and representation. They are a passionate advocate for social justice, using their platform to raise awareness of issues that are often ignored or overlooked.

To put it simply, Rivers Solomon is a remarkable talent whose work has the power to change lives. Their unique voice and perspective make them an essential figure in contemporary literature, and their work is sure to continue to captivate and inspire readers for many years to come.

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