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Sara Bingham

Sara Bingham

Sara Bingham is a mother, author, and entrepreneur who has made it her mission to share the benefits of baby sign language with parents and caregivers all over the world. As the founder of WeeHands, a company that offers baby sign language classes, products, and resources, she has helped thousands of families communicate more effectively with their little ones during the crucial early years of development.

Sara is a passionate advocate for the use of sign language in early childhood education, and has dedicated her career to spreading awareness about its many benefits. She has authored several books on the subject, including The Baby Signing Book, which has become a go-to resource for parents looking to enhance their child's language development and build stronger bonds through communication.

In addition to her work with WeeHands, Sara is also an active member of the parenting and early childhood education communities. She regularly speaks at conferences and workshops on topics related to baby signing, and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Today’s Parent, CBC Radio, and Global News.

Sara's approach to parenting and education emphasizes the importance of positive communication, empathy, and understanding. Her belief in the power of baby sign language to enhance connection and foster healthy relationships has made her a trusted authority in the field and an inspiration to parents and educators alike.

As a mother herself, Sara understands the challenges and joys of raising a child, and she has made it her life's work to support and empower families on their parenting journeys. Through her books, classes, and resources, she provides practical, effective strategies that can help parents and caregivers create a nurturing, stimulating environment for their little ones, while also strengthening the bonds of love and communication that are essential for healthy development.

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