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Sarah Hurwitz

Sarah Hurwitz

Sarah Hurwitz is a highly-acclaimed author, speaker, and former speechwriter who has worked with some of the most influential leaders in the world. With a unique talent for crafting powerful messages that connect with a wide range of audiences, she has helped shape the rhetoric of some of the most important speeches of our time.

As a speechwriter for former First Lady Michelle Obama, Sarah played a pivotal role in shaping Mrs. Obama’s public image and advancing her message of hope, change, and progress. She has also worked with a number of other high-profile clients, including Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker, among others.

In addition to her work as a speechwriter and communication strategist, Sarah is also an accomplished author. Her most recent book, Here All Along, is a powerful memoir that explores her journey from a disillusioned young lawyer to a passionate seeker of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. Drawing on a wealth of personal experiences and insights, she tells a powerful story of personal transformation and growth that is both inspiring and deeply engaging.

Beyond her work as a writer and consultant, Sarah is also an engaging and highly sought-after public speaker. With a wealth of experience speaking to audiences large and small, she is able to connect with a wide range of people from all walks of life, and is known for her ability to inspire, educate, and entertain with her powerful messages.

Whether you are looking for inspiration in your personal life, or seeking effective communication strategies for your business, Sarah Hurwitz is a trusted expert and an invaluable resource. With her talent, passion, and dedication, she is sure to help you achieve your goals and bring your vision to life, no matter what challenges you may face along the way.

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