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Shaunti Feldhahn

Shaunti Feldhahn

Shaunti Feldhahn is a prominent Christian author, speaker, and researcher who focuses on relationships and the human perspective. Recognized for her work in the field of social research, Shaunti has written numerous books that help readers understand the hidden aspects of their relationships and the underlying causes of behaviors that can otherwise be confusing, frustrating, and even hurtful.

Shaunti's groundbreaking book "For Women Only" quickly became a bestseller and has since been translated into 22 languages. Her follow-up book "For Men Only" was also a bestseller and became the go-to guide for men to understand the inner workings of women.

Shaunti has spent more than a decade conducting research, speaking at large events, and delivering life-changing messages that help people create the kind of relationships that bring happiness and fulfillment. Shaunti has written several other books that total more than three million copies sold and have made her a sought-after speaker for conferences, churches, and events.

Shaunti has appeared on major news outlets including Fox News, The Today Show, and CNN, and is a regular guest on numerous radio shows. In addition to her work in research and writing, she also serves as a consultant for various organizations, both public and private. Shaunti's unique perspective on the human experience has made her an expert in the field of relationship-building and has enabled her to provide invaluable insights to individuals and organizations alike.

Shaunti holds a graduate degree in public policy from Harvard University, where she served as an analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Prior to her work in social research, she worked on Wall Street, where she gained extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning.

Shaunti is a devoted Christian and lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband and two children. She is passionate about her family and spends her free time playing the piano, working on art projects, and exploring the outdoors.

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